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#ifndef __CCCC_XML_H
#define __CCCC_XML_H

#include "cccc.h"

#include <fstream>

#include <time.h>

#include "cccc_db.h"
#include "cccc_met.h"

// Ideally, this class would be defined to reuse common 
// facilities abstracted from CCCC_Html_Stream.
// This may happen in the future, for the moment, the implementation
// has been created by cut and paste.

// We need to include cccc_htm.h because it defines the enumeration
// ReportType.
#include "cccc_htm.h"

class CCCC_Xml_Stream {
  friend CCCC_Xml_Stream& operator <<(CCCC_Xml_Stream& os, 
                               const string& stg);
  friend CCCC_Xml_Stream& operator <<(CCCC_Xml_Stream& os, 
                               const CCCC_Metric& mtc);

  ofstream fstr;
  static string libdir;
  static string outdir;
  static CCCC_Project* prjptr;

  void Timestamp();
  void Project_Summary();
  void Procedural_Summary();
  void Procedural_Detail();
  void Structural_Summary();
  void Structural_Detail();
  void OO_Design();
  void Other_Extents();
  void Separate_Modules();
  void Source_Listing();

  void Module_Summary(CCCC_Module *module_ptr);
  void Module_Detail(CCCC_Module *module_ptr);
  void Procedural_Detail(CCCC_Module *module_ptr);
  void Structural_Detail(CCCC_Module *module_ptr);

  void Separate_Module_Link(CCCC_Module *module_ptr); 

  void Put_Label_Node(string nodeTag, string label, int width=0,
                  string ref_name="", string ref_href="", 
                  CCCC_Record *rec_ptr=0);
  void Put_Metric_Node(string nodeTag, const CCCC_Metric& metric);
  void Put_Metric_Node(string nodeTag, int count, string tag);
  void Put_Metric_Node(string nodeTag, int num, int denom, string tag);
  void Put_Extent_URL(const CCCC_Extent& extent);
  void Put_Extent_Node(const CCCC_Extent& extent, int width=0, bool withDescription=false);
  void Put_Extent_List(CCCC_Record& record,bool withDescription=false);
  void Put_Structural_Details_Node(CCCC_Module *mod, 
                           CCCC_Project *prj, 
                           int mask, 
                           UserelNameLevel nl);

  static void GenerateReports(CCCC_Project* project, int report_mask, 
                        const string& outfile, const string& outdir);

  // general-purpose constructor with standard preamble
  CCCC_Xml_Stream(const string& fname, const string& info);
  // destructor with standard trailer

CCCC_Xml_Stream& operator <<(CCCC_Xml_Stream& os, const string& stg);
CCCC_Xml_Stream& operator <<(CCCC_Xml_Stream& os, const CCCC_Metric& mtc);
CCCC_Xml_Stream& operator <<(CCCC_Xml_Stream& os, const CCCC_Extent& ext);

#if 0
// this class is added to support the generation of an HTML file
// containing the source analysed by the run, with anchors embedded at
// each of the lines referred to in the other parts of the report
class Source_Anchor
  // if this looks more like a struct to you, it does to me too...
  // it could be embedded withing CCCC_Xml_Stream except that this
  // might make the default constructor unavailable for the std::map
  // instantiation

  string file_;
  int line_;
  Source_Anchor():line_(0) {}
  Source_Anchor(string file, int line) : file_(file), line_(line) {}

  string get_file() const { return file_; }
  int get_line() const { return line_; }
  string key() const;

  void Emit_HREF(ofstream& fstr);
  void Emit_NAME(ofstream& fstr);
  void Emit_SPACE(ofstream& fstr);
  // the default copy constructor, assignment operator and destructor
  // are OK for this class
#endif /* __CCCC_XML_H */

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