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 * cccc_db.h
#ifndef CCCC_DB_H
#define CCCC_DB_H

#include "cccc.h"
#include "cccc_ext.h"
#include "cccc_rec.h"
#include "cccc_prj.h"
#include "cccc_mod.h"
#include "cccc_mem.h"
#include "cccc_use.h"

// The various FromFile functions need to indicate to their
// caller their status, particularly because the caller will have
// allocated an instance of the incoming class on the heap, and needs
// to know whether it has to delete it.  There are two 'normal' outcomes
// plus a potentially infinite range of possible application error
// conditions.  The normal conditions are where the new instance is
// the first encountered of this module/member/relationship/whatever
// and the allocated item has been added to the database and must not
// be deleted, and when the new instance is of a previously encountered
// entity, and the information from the new record has been transcribed
// and merged into the instance in the database, and the locally allocated
// instance must be deleted.
enum GeneralFromFileStatuses 
  RECORD_ADDED       = 1,
  RECORD_ERROR       = 2
  // error conditions may return RECORD_ERROR, or may use a distinctive
  // value defined as a literal

// This function provides the ability for the persistence functions
// defined below to do a quick peek at the first token on the stream
// leaving the get pointer at the start of that token. 
bool PeekAtNextLinePrefix(ifstream& ifstr, string pfx);

// These are global variables because I don't want to have
// to pass the project, module, member, relationship down into all of the 
// FromFile methods.
// There is probably a better way for a less lazy programmer than me.
extern CCCC_Project *current_loading_project;
extern CCCC_Module  *current_loading_module;
extern CCCC_Member  *current_loading_extent;
extern CCCC_UseRelationship *current_loading_userel;

// this one tracks the line number in the input file
extern int ifstr_line;

template <class T> void DisposeOfImportRecord(T *record_ptr, int fromfile_status);

void Resolve_Fields(string& field1, string& field2);

#endif // CCCC_DB_H

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