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#include "resource.h"         // main symbols

#include <ObjModel\addguid.h>
#include <ObjModel\appguid.h>
#include <ObjModel\bldguid.h>
#include <ObjModel\textguid.h>
#include <ObjModel\dbgguid.h>

#include "FileList.h"

class WorkspaceInfo
      class Project
            friend class WorkspaceInfo;
            const CString& GetName(void) const;
            bool IsActive(void) const;
            const CTime& GetTimeStamp(void) const;

            void SetActive(bool active);
            CString m_name;               // The name of the project or workspace.
            bool m_active;                // Is the project active?
            CTime m_timeStamp;            // The time stamp of the project.
            Project* m_parent;            // Parent project.
      }; //Project

      typedef CList<Project, Project&> ProjectList;

// Attributes
      static ProjectList& GetProjectList(void); // Not const on purpose.
      static FileList& GetFileList(void);             // Not const on purpose.
      static const CString& GetWorkspaceLocation(void);
      static const CString& GetExtraFilename(void);
      static const CString& GetExcludeFilename(void);

// Operations
      static void SetWorkspaceLocation(void);         // Do once on Workspace Open.
      static bool CheckIntegrity(void);
      static bool Refresh(void);
      static void Add(CString projectName);
      static void RemoveAll(void);

      static IApplication *m_pApplication;

      static bool CheckProjectIntegrity(CString projectName);
      static void ReadDSPFile(Project& prj);
      static void ReadDSWFile(Project& prj);
      static Project* AddHelper(CString projectName);

      static CString m_workspaceLocation;
      static CString m_extraFilename;
      static CString m_excludeFilename;

      static ProjectList m_projects;
      static FileList m_fileList;
}; //WorkspaceInfo

inline const CString& WorkspaceInfo::Project::GetName(void) const
{  return m_name;  }
inline bool WorkspaceInfo::Project::IsActive(void) const
{  return m_active;  }
inline const CTime& WorkspaceInfo::Project::GetTimeStamp(void) const
{  return m_timeStamp;  }
inline void WorkspaceInfo::Project::SetActive(bool active)
{  m_active = active;  }

inline WorkspaceInfo::ProjectList& WorkspaceInfo::GetProjectList(void)
{  return m_projects;  }
inline FileList& WorkspaceInfo::GetFileList(void)
{  return m_fileList;  }
inline const CString& WorkspaceInfo::GetWorkspaceLocation(void)
{  return m_workspaceLocation;  }
inline const CString& WorkspaceInfo::GetExtraFilename(void)
{  return m_extraFilename;  }
inline const CString& WorkspaceInfo::GetExcludeFilename(void)
{  return m_excludeFilename;  }


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