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// stdafx.h : include file for standard system include files,
//  or project specific include files that are used frequently, but
//      are changed infrequently

#if !defined(AFX_STDAFX_H__2AB447B6_A834_11D3_AFED_444553540000__INCLUDED_)
#define AFX_STDAFX_H__2AB447B6_A834_11D3_AFED_444553540000__INCLUDED_

#define VC_EXTRALEAN          // Exclude rarely-used stuff from Windows headers

#include <afxwin.h>         // MFC core and standard components
#include <afxdisp.h>

#include <atlbase.h>
//You may derive a class from CComModule and use it if you want to override
//something, but do not change the name of _Module
extern CComModule _Module;
#include <atlcom.h>

// Developer Studio Object Model
#include <ObjModel\addauto.h>
#include <ObjModel\appdefs.h>
#include <ObjModel\appauto.h>
#include <ObjModel\blddefs.h>
#include <ObjModel\bldauto.h>
#include <ObjModel\textdefs.h>
#include <ObjModel\textauto.h>
#include <ObjModel\dbgdefs.h>
#include <ObjModel\dbgauto.h>

// Debugging support

// Use VERIFY_OK around all calls to the Developer Studio objects which
//  you expect to return S_OK.
// In DEBUG builds of your add-in, VERIFY_OK displays an ASSERT dialog box
//  if the expression returns an HRESULT other than S_OK.  If the HRESULT
//  is a success code, the ASSERT box will display that HRESULT.  If it
//  is a failure code, the ASSERT box will display that HRESULT plus the
//  error description string provided by the object which raised the error.
// In RETAIL builds of your add-in, VERIFY_OK just evaluates the expression
//  and ignores the returned HRESULT.

#ifdef _DEBUG

void GetLastErrorDescription(CComBSTR& bstr);         // Defined in CcccDevStudioAddIn.cpp
#define VERIFY_OK(f) \
      { \
            HRESULT hr = (f); \
            if (hr != S_OK) \
            { \
                  if (FAILED(hr)) \
                  { \
                        CComBSTR bstr; \
                        GetLastErrorDescription(bstr); \
                        _RPTF2(_CRT_ASSERT, "Object call returned %lx\n\n%S", hr, (BSTR) bstr); \
                  } \
                  else \
                        _RPTF1(_CRT_ASSERT, "Object call returned %lx", hr); \
            } \

#else //_DEBUG

#define VERIFY_OK(f) (f);

#endif //_DEBUG

// Microsoft Developer Studio will insert additional declarations immediately before the previous line.

#endif // !defined(AFX_STDAFX_H__2AB447B6_A834_11D3_AFED_444553540000__INCLUDED)

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